Dream Team

The Dream Team is a group of volunteers in our church that are committed to making a difference. We are passionate about not doing life alone, and in so, developing our gifts to serve others. Join our team by reviewing the list below and start making a difference today.

Connection Teams

- Communion (serving behind the scenes to prepare elements for our communion services)

- First Responders (team of health care professionals providing basic medical care in the event of an accident or emergency)

- Greeters (welcoming people to New Life at the front doors)

- Ushers (assisting people to their seats, handing out bulletins, facilitating offering, and helping to maintain a distraction-free service environment)

Events Teams

- Baptism (team of people that prepares for and hosts the New Life Baptism experience)

- Bus Drivers (team of individuals that are available to drive the church bus for events out of town)

- Christmas Design (helping design and decorate our campus for the holiday season)

- Comfort (helping host events on campus and providing for personal needs of those dealing with sickness and loss)

- Construction/Maintenance (using gifts of building and creativity to build sets and work on projects for special events or maintenance on campus)

- Missions Week (helping design and decorate our campus for missions week in October)

Kids Team

- JAM Team (investing in the lives of children in our JAM services through worship, prayer, biblical teaching, and fun)

- Junior Bible Quiz ( helping kids to memorize and learn the Word of God in a fun and exciting way and prepare them to compete with other JBQ teams)

- Kids Outreach (evangelizing to kids through events, and public schools )

- MPACT Girls Leaders (training our girls to become strong young women by knowing the Word of God and developing strong Christian friendships in MPACT)

- Royal Ranger Boys Leaders (working with our boys, mentoring and building character and biblical knowledge through our Royal Ranger Program)

- Nursery (investing in the lives of little children through loving care, Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities, and personal interactions)

Outreach Teams

- Community Outreach (our Love.Give.Serve. team shares the love of Jesus to our community through evangelism, Book Bag Drive, Thanksgiving Giveaway, and Christmas gifts, as well as other projects throughout the year)

- Food Pantry (our team organizes inventory and distributes food to families in our community)

- Nursing Home ( Our Hope Ministry team visits several local nursing homes, bringing hope to our seniors through interactions, singing and ministry)

Worship Team

- Worship Team Band (using musical talents to help lead our congregation into worship)

- Worship Team Vocal (using the gift of singing to help lead New Life into the presence of God)

Media Team

- Service Production ( Pioneering the church into the future with the use of technology ) 

- Social media ( creating the new front door of the church )

Youth Team

- Youth Adult Leaders (leading small groups, praying with students at the altar and making sure every student feels welcome)

- Student Leaders (connecting with other students, leading major parts of the service and being an example to those around them)

- Youth Band (using musical talents to lead students in worship)

- Youth Media (developing content to make social media welcoming and appealing  to all students)

Young Adults Team

- Hosts (We are the smiley face of NLU! From welcoming to helping first time guests get connected. The host team is the first step to making sure everyone has a great experience at New Life University.)

- Social (We are the vibe of NLU! We provide an up close look at all things NLU; all while providing all the info you need to stay up to date!)

- Prep (We are the Elmer’s Glue of NLU! We set up for events, prep food, drinks, etc. Then when the night is done, we tear it down and clean it up! We make NLU look boujee!)

- Tech (We are the unseen ninjas of NLU! From lighting to sound, and everything in between. We make sure services and events look good and run smoothly! )

Let's work together.

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